Scaling Impact Through Communications Strategy

Effective communications is the difference between an idea and a movement. brandUP empowers nonprofit leaders, like you, to escape the day-to-day and focus on communicating your vision through a strategic brand and communications plan.

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What To Expect

Over a six-week communications strategy and coaching program, Rootid’s team facilitates a series of workshops designed for nonprofits and social impact companies that are at a pivotal growth points.

Participant outcomes include:

  1. A Working Brand Strategy & Campaign Marketing Plan

  2. Replicable System to Develop and Refine Your Brand & Communications Strategy Indefinitely

  3. Group Coaching & One-on-One Consultations

  4. Lifetime Access to Strategic Planning Tools and Learning Materials for Free

  5. Access to an Active Group of Nonprofit Peers Through Our Alumni Network


Hands-on Communications Training

Nonprofit leaders learn through a combination of in-person workshops and self-paced online learning modules that fit their busy schedules. Participants are paired with peers for the duration of the program to deepen peer learning and facilitate ideation.

Workshops include:

Week 1: Logic Model Development

Week 2: Audience Landscape & Inclusive Personas

Week 3: Stakeholder Interviews & Persona Journeys

Week 4: Core Messaging & Impact Communications

Week 5: Campaign Design: Marketing Funnels & Marketing Asset Assessment

Week 6: Capstone Project Presentation

Follow-up: One-on-One Strategy & Implementation Consultation

What Participants Say


Frequently Asked Questions

brandUP is for small- and medium-sized nonprofits that do not mind rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty in order to grow their impact. You should plan to have your Executive Director/CEO and communications leaders attend this event. Nonprofits that have a clear business plan or strategic plan get the most out of this experience.

No. However, nonprofits that have a strategic plan, or a business model in place tend to succeed the most in this process. Your communication strategy needs to be rooted in your vision and values. If you haven't figured that out yet, take the time to do that first. Then join brandUP!

This program is most effective when you bring 2-3 leaders from your organization. We recommend that at least one of the attendees has decision making ability around the organization's communications strategy. This can be a CEO/Executive Director, a board member and/or a Communications Director. 

Once the event is done, we will provide additional materials to help you share out what you've covered with the rest of your organization.

The program includes two in-person workshops at the beginning and near the end. During the rest of the process, we meet once a week as a group through Zoom. If you can't attend a call we will have recordings that you can review. However, to get the most out of the experience, we recommend you try and attend all of the meetings. 

Most participants report spending 3-4 hours a week learning materials and applying them to their communications and brand strategy. There are always opportunities to spend more time and go deeper if you have bandwidth.

Our new cohort model is $2,500 per organization which includes up to 3 staff to participate in the weekly workshops and/or cohort calls.

For organizations that would like more individualized attention, they can pay an additional $1,000 for weekly one-on-one feedback and review calls with rootid staff for the duration of the six weeks of brandUP.

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